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Quick Loaded Ramen

mauritian ramen noodles

*Note we've not given ingredient amounts as this depends on the amount of people you are making it for however we use 1 packet of Ramen per person*


Pak/Bok Choi

Sesame Oil

Canned Sweetcorn

Chestnut Mushrooms

Chicken breast sliced

Boiled eggs

Spring onions chopped

Nissin Ramen noodles (you can pick this up from @tescofood Or @morrisons ) We used the spicy flavour for this one but there are many flavours.

Chilli powder (optional)



Hard boil your eggs and leave to one side, Next fry your sliced Chicken Breast in a little Sesame oil and also leave to one side, then fry the mushrooms and Pak choi Separately and leave to one side, you can heat the sweetcorn up in a bowl in the microwave but this is not necessary.

Next heat a little water up in a pot and put the noodles in along with the chilli oil and flavouring provided in the Ramen packet, let this boil for a few mins until the noodles are soft the pour all of it into a bowl, top with all your fried toppings, sliced egg and sweetcorn and finally a sprinkle of chopped spring onion and some chilli powder!



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