Lamb Kalia

I finally wrote it down!!! This is for all those who have asked for my Lamb Kalia recipe 😁 (sorry it took so long)

Kalia is a delicious Mauritian dish which is cooked with yogurt and lots of different spices! Full of richness, flavour and colour. You can serve this beauty with with rice, roti, salads, pickles and chillis. The warmth and taste of this is just so comforting. Authentic at it's finest 🤤👌🏽 You can buy already made Kalia spice mixes or you can follow my recipe below ⬇️

mauritian rougaille


600g boneless lamb

1 onion, sliced

Vegetable oil

1tbsp minced garlic and ginger

2 curry leaves

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1tbsp cumin powder

1tbsp clove powder

1tsp cinnamon powder

Pinch of chilli powder

1/2tsp tumeric power

1 green chilli, sliced

Salt and pepper, to taste

300-500g natural Yogurt