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Mauritius' Quadricolour - The Flag's History and Meaning

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The national flag of Mauritius is known as the Quadricolour, Four Bands, or Les Quatres Bands. It is made up of four horizontal bands of red, blue, yellow, green. Each colour on the flag has meaningful representation of the country.

The flag was designed by Gurudutt Moher, a primary school teacher at the time. This design was first raised in Champ de Mars, Port Louis on 12th March 1968 to celebrate an independent Mauritian nation.

Mauritians rally behind their national flag and it is seen as a symbol of pride for the country. No alternations have been made to the flag since it was introduced.


RED (Rouz): Struggle and freedom for independence, and the blood of our ancestors and enslaved people who built the nation

BLUE (Ble): Represents the Indian Ocean, where Mauritius is situated, and the island’s blue skies

YELLOW (Zonn): Symbolises Mauritius’ warmth, sunshine, sand and new future for island after independence

GREEN (Ver): Represents the country’s nature, landscape and agriculture

mauritius flag meaning quadricolour



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