Mauritius' Road to Independence

when did mauritius get independence


Mauritius became an independent nation on 12th March 1968.

The island has a long history of colonisation, from its discovery in the 16th century, until 1968 when the island nation became independent from British Rule. This year marks 53 years of independence.


The British took over from French colonial rule in 1810. In 1945, after World War II, numerous uprisings and conflicts in British colonies, and Britain favouring re-building its own country after the war meant the Empire began to collapse.

In 1947, the British revised the Constitution to allow Mauritius a general election in 1948, marking Mauritius’ first step towards self-rule.

In 1960, the UN passed a declaration setting up the agenda for rapid declonisation of British Colonies, and around the same time Mauritius spearheaded an independence campaign which gained rapid momentum. In 1966, the Legislative Assembly passed a motion requesting independence for Mauritius from the British.

A general election was held in 1967, with a landslide victory for the IPM (Independence Party Mauritius), allowing party leader Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam to form a government.

Mauritius became independent on 12th March 1968 within the Commonwealth, with Ra