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Weekly Island Round-Up - 7th Jun 2021

mauritius news in april 2021

Here are 3 things happening in Mauritius this week!

1) Former Prime Minister of Mauritius, Anerood Jugnauth, dies aged 91. His funeral took place over the weekend.

The former Prime Minister and President of the Republic died Thursday evening June 3 at the Darné clinic, at the age of 91 from illness. His funeral took place on Saturday. He was cremated at the Pamplemousses botanical garden.

Elected prime minister for the first of six times in 1982, Jugnauth would also serve two terms in the ceremonial role of president during a 35-year career.

He resigned in 2017 and handed the reins to his son Pravind, the country’s serving prime minister, who won a subsequent five-year term at the ballot box in 2019.

2) Mauritius sets vaccination rules for schools and hospital access. Teachers, parents of students and health care workers will need to show proof of vaccination before entering these buildings, in a bid to encourage more vaccine uptake.

Mauritius introduced Covid-19 vaccination rules for access to schools and hospitals in a bid to encourage more inoculation in the Indian Ocean island nation.

Teachers, parents of learners and health-care workers are among those who will be required to present a card that shows they have been vaccinated before accessing private and public schools and health centers, according to regulations published in the government gazette on Wednesday.

Those not vaccinated may only access the restricted places after presenting negative Covid-19 test results that are not more than seven days old. The rules, which come into force June 21, are not applicable to some categories, including students and patients.

3) A fishing vessel belonging to Hassen Taher Seafoods has been stuck on the reef by Saint Brandon since last week with over 2,600 litres of fuel onboard.

According to the Ministry of Environment, the crew have been rescued and 50% of the oil onboard has been pumped out, but the mission has been delayed due to bad weather. There has been no indication of an oil spill at present



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