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Weekly Island Round-Up - 28th Jun 2021

mauritius news in april 2021

Here are 3 things happening in Mauritius this week!

1) Findings from a 2020 Afrobarometer survey show that Mauritians have long had doubts about their state of politics and declining trust in the country’s institutions.

In February, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Mauritius among the 20 most democratic countries in the world. In March, the V-Dem Institute placed it among the world’s 10 most rapidly autocratizing countries.

Both ratings may have a point. After decades as a top-ranked democracy in Africa, Mauritius may be on the verge of a steep decline.

What do ordinary Mauritians have to say about it? Do they share analysts’ alarm that their democracy may be slipping away?

Findings from a 2020 Afrobarometer survey show that Mauritians have grave doubts about the state of politics in their country — and, in fact, were seeing red flags long before many analysts.

2) Third phase of Mauritius easing lockdown from 1st July will see beaches, restaurants and sports facilities re-open.

Gatherings in places of worship, weddings and funerals will be allowed with a maximum of 50 people as of July 1. The beaches will only be accessible for walking and swimming, picnics will be prohibited. Collective and individual sports will be authorised with the reopening of the sports halls. Restaurants and food courts will once again be able to operate with customers who consume on site while respecting the health protocol. Casinos, pubs, cinemas and nightclubs will remain closed.

3) A Chagossian family in Crawley are now homeless after a fire destroyed their home. A Go Fund Me has been set up to raise £2,000 to help support them.

Native-born Chagossian Marie Sissace and her family have been made homeless by a devastating fire at their Crawley home. Without insurance, they will need to rebuild their life from scratch. The Chagos Refugee Group UK have been able to give a small hardship grant to help the family but they still require more help, so have set up a GoFund Me.

All your donations will help the Sissace family rebuild their life as they will need to buy everything after having a new place to live. They are still in temporary accommodation for now and it’s 148.85 per weeks for 2 double rooms. You can donate here.



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