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Weekly Island Round-Up - 26 Apr 2021

mauritius news in april 2021

Here are 3 things happening in Mauritius this week!

1) National Crisis Committee meets to discuss contingency plans as torrential rains sweeps across the country, causing flooding and damage.

Mauritius has seen torrential rainfall in the past week, causing flooding, landslides, and damages. There are now concerns for 19,000 students due to sit exams this week, and the National Crisis Committee has met up to discuss safety precautions for the country, including immediate clean-up of flooded areas, and special aid for people at risk.

Adverse weather is expected to continue this week.

2) Biosphere Trading Mauritius given the greenlight to increase its primate-breeding project of monkeys used in laboratoties for medical research and testing. They will triple the amount of macaques they breed to 7,500.

Biosphere Trading, Mauritius’ largest primate breeding company, has been given the greenlight by the Ministry of Environment to expand. They plan to triple the capacity of its farm and expand the amount of long tailed macaques they breed from 800 to 7,500.

To achieve this, it intends to involve the community by providing landowners and their occupants with traps to capture unwanted monkeys that enter their property, with Biosphere Trading then offering to buy them.

3) Indian workers due to arrive in Mauritius to work on the Metro project will now not be allowed to enter due to India’s surge in Covid-19 cases and concerns over new variant.



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