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Weekly Island Round-Up - 25 Jan 2021

mauritius news in january 2021

Here are 3 things happening in Mauritius this week!

1) Mauritius Receives First 100,000 Doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine

Mauritius will use its first 100,000 Covid-19 vaccines to inoculate 50,000 frontline workers as part of a plan the government says will contribute to a revival of crucial industries. The vaccines were a donation from India.

2) A sixth of people who were exposed to fuel from the Wakashio disaster are experiencing health problems 6 months on

A medical survey conducted by an environmental NGO in Mauritius, Eco-Sud, has revealed that one in six people exposed to the oil from the Wakashio last summer, are now reporting health symptoms six months on from the oil spill.

These symptoms include breathing difficulties, dermatological problems (especially skin irritation), ophthalmic problems (especially eye redness and eye irritation) and headaches.

3) A government supporter named as Manan Fakoo dies in suspicious circumstances from gun-shot wounds after recent protests in Port Louis related to the Kistnen affair. Fakoo’s death is the latest in a recent string of mysterious deaths on the island.

Manan Fakoo had been shot in the shoulder near his home in Beau Bassin on Wednesday 20th January. He alerted police at Beau Bassin police station before driving himself to hospital. He was able to do this as it’s alleged the bullet had “grazed his shoulder”. He underwent surgery and was admitted into intensive care, before he passed away 2 days later.

Fakoo, who was known to police and had a criminal record, had apparently attended protests in Port Louis a few days earlier, where he was marching in support of government ministers who are currently being questioned as part of the Kistnen judicial inquiry. His autopsy showed he died from a “bullet injuries to the neck” but questions are now being raised after no bullet was said to be removed from surgery, or to be found still lodged in his body.



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