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Mauritian Sega Music

Mauritian culture is rich in music and dance, and one of the most popular and traditional forms of music in Mauritius is the Sega. Sega is a style of music that originated from the African slaves who were brought to Mauritius during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a lively and rhythmic music that is often accompanied by traditional instruments such as the Ravanne, Triangle, and Maravanne.

Sega is not only a type of music, but it is also a dance that involves the whole body. It is a joyful and energetic dance that is performed by couples, who move their hips and feet to the rhythm of the music. The Sega is an important part of Mauritian culture, and it is often played at festivals, weddings, and other celebrations.

The Ravanne is one of the main instruments used in Sega music. It is a circular drum made of goat skin that is stretched over a wooden frame. The drum is played with the hands and produces a deep and resonant sound that is characteristic of Sega music. The Ravanne is often decorated with colorful beads and shells, which add to its visual appeal.

Another important instrument in Sega music is the Triangle. It is a small metal instrument that is played with a metal rod, producing a high-pitched sound that complements the beat of the Ravanne. The Triangle is often played by women, who use it to create a distinctive sound that is unique to Sega music.

The Maravanne is a percussion instrument that is made of bamboo or wooden strips. It is played by shaking the instrument back and forth, creating a rattling sound that adds to the rhythm of the music. The Maravanne is an important part of Sega music, and it is often played by both men and women.

In addition to the Ravanne, Triangle, and Maravanne, other instruments are used in Sega music, including the Kayamb, a flat percussion instrument made of bamboo or sugar cane, and the Guitar, which adds to the melody of the music.

Sega is an important part of Mauritian culture, and it is a reflection of the country's history and diversity. The music and dance bring people together and celebrate the spirit of the Mauritian people. The use of traditional instruments such as the Ravanne, Triangle, and Maravanne is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Mauritius, and it is a joy to witness and experience the Sega music and dance in person.

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