Agaléga’s Ecological and Military Concerns

agalega ecological and military concerns


Agaléga is a Mauritian territory, made up of two islands, around 1,000 km north of Mauritius.

During French colonial rule in the 1800s, coconut plantations were established, which continue to be Agaléga’s only export.

It is home to a population of around 300 people, most of whom are Creole, and descendants of Malagasy slaves.

There are 2 ferries a year from Mauritius which bring supplies to Agalégans.

The islands have no tourism industry, and until recently, remained largely untouched.


In 2015, during Prime Minister Modi of India’s visit to Mauritius, a deal was signed with Mauritius for the development of the Agaléga islands, at the cost of around $87million (RS3 Billion).

The project would include building an airport terminal, extending Agalega’s runway, and construction of jetties. The work was awarded to two Indian companies, to be completed in February 2021.

Since signing the deal, there have also been reports of the Indian Navy’s interest in setting up surveillance infrastructure on the islands, and a transponder system to identify ships as friend or foe.