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Dean Lesiak 4 x British Bodybuilding Champion
Being in the fitness industry for so many years, i’ve watched as is has become saturated with Personal Trainers and Prep Coaches (or so-called Guru’s) that charge extortionate prices and give out wrongful information. I feel ashamed to be a part of the fitness industry seeing how it was become. So this is why I decided to do what I can to stop people getting ripped off. Our main goal for creating this site is to help as many people as we possibly can to achieving their goals.

We think it is bad enough seeing people getting ripped off by some personal trainers, but we find it disgusting when bad information is damaging peoples health. Our main goal is to give the most and the best accurate advice from doctors, nutritionists and some of the best athletes around for as cheap as possible.

Shalini Jugessur (Chel)
I see so many people take information from social media and dictate them as facts to others, which can be so harmful. So I want to help spread the wealth of good knowledge to help others feel awesome from the inside out. No more unhealthy diets, broken new years resolutions..just a great healthy way of living.

I come from an entrepreneurial background with my photography and cinematography business, so when I teamed up with Dean to create Legion it we was the perfect match. He had all the information and knowledge in his head, and really wanted to reach out and help people. I fell in love with the idea and said, perfect, let’s do it. Thats where I was able to help capture all that vital information and turn it into a visual site for all to see. I have always been the type of person to want to help people and enable them to be the best they can be, through mindset, achieving goals and understanding the subconscious through meditation and this was perfect for me to add my input. I’ve always been crazy about keeping a good healthy body and mind, and very much into fitness so teaming up with Dean to help others be the best they can be is an honour and a privilege.



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