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Artist & Producer

Kent, UK

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Soricah is an Irish/Mauritian musical artist and producer.

Having been brought up in Ireland, Africa, Mauritius and London, her music is very much influenced by her rich upbringing, and the music and people she has been exposed to. Her sound is unique, not tied to one genre, taking the melodies of Ireland and the Soul of Africa, to produce some truly original and captivating music.

Soricah has gigged on the London and Irish circuit as a solo artist, and is a former member of the band “Rebekah Met Sarah” who have performed with acts such as The Palma Violets. As a solo musician, she has supported Internationally renowned cellist Jo Quail, and has been a frequent collaborator with members of The Artist Community of Studio 180 and the rich artistic warehouse scene of East London.

She has also been featured on a wide variety of different artistic projects and her collaborations and solo projects have been aired on BBC Radio, 2fm and a variety of Irish and International radio stations.

She currently splits her time between Kent, England and Dublin, Ireland and has just released her debut EP "Let the Fire Burn Free" in June 2020.


Kent, UK

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